Stepparent Adoption Lawyers & Attorneys

A step-parent’s decision to adopt their spouse’s child is no small matter. The step-parent who seeks to adopt will be assuming full legal responsibility for the child, and be rearing that child as their own from that point forward. The biological parent will be surrendering their rights as a parent completely, and will no longer be responsible for the child in any capacity. The adoptive parent makes all the important decisions about the child, such as their education, medical care and religious affiliation.

The first step in the step-parent adoption process in Minnesota involves obtaining a termination of parental rights from the biological parent who wishes to give up the child for adoption. This form is signed before several witnesses, and a notary, and may be freely revoked by the signer within a few weeks of execution.

Once the termination form is signed, the remaining parent, and step-parent, may petition the court for adoption. The state will conduct a background check, or perform a home study. The matter will be set for a hearing before the judge, and the child, and adopting parents, must attend.

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