Contested Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys

If you and your spouse are unable to reach agreement on one or more issues involved n your divorce the Court deems your divorce to be a Contested Divorce. In contested cases, where agreement cannot be reached out of court, then Divorce Attorneys need to be involved.

In situations like this you need Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn! Our experience and knowledge in Minnesota Family Law, works together with our gifted and aggressive litigators, to represent your rights and make the strongest case possible on your behalf. In addition, our ethical standards requires us to be honest and forthright, even if it means telling you when your case is weak and it would serve you better to negotiate a fair settlement, rather than drain emotional and financial resource pursuing a fruitless case.

Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn offers you vast legal experience, combined with relationships to guardian adulates, custody evaluators, and neutral financial experts such as real estate appraisers, to obtain strong opinions that will protect your rights and make your case.

Through all the legal twists, turns and powerful emotions involved in a Divorce you can count on the Contested Divorce Lawyers at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn to not only plot and navigate your best course of legal action, but also to vigorously pursue it with solid reason.