Paternity Lawyers & Attorneys

In Minnesota, if the father is present at the child’s birth, both parents signed a “Recognition of Parentage,” which serves to establish paternity for the purpose of addressing Child Support. However, a father has no legally enforceable rights to that child unless ordered by the Court. The parents can agree to a parenting plan and file that agreement with the Court, but until this agreement is part of a Court Order, the mother has sole legal and physical custody of the child.

Helping resolve this thorny issue of custodial rights requires legal expertise and aggressive negotiation. The Divorce Attorneys at Kallemeyn & Kallemeyn have obtained amicable settlements and favorable judgments from the Courts on behalf of our Paternity, Child Custody and Parenting Time clients. Our lawyers will enlist every resource available and make every effort imaginable to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.